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I am Daisy Madaan, a professional software engineer who has built a successful career renowned for her dedication and passion for my work. After fifteen years in the corporate world, I took a break from my high-profile job following the birth of my daughter.

During my time at home, I realized that many women, like myself, are confined to their homes after having children, causing their dreams and passions to take a back seat. This realization deeply troubled me, prompting me to seek out and connect with women pursuing entrepreneurship despite facing significant challenges.

Now a woman entrepreneur on a mission to inspire those around me, I have channeled my passion for writing into blogging and digital marketing. I founded the Instagram community “PowerInHer- Home Bakers Community,” a vibrant community for like-minded creative home bakers and cake artists to showcase their talents in baking. Group members draw inspiration from each other’s work and share their creative endeavors. You are warmly invited to join this group to inspire and be inspired by the creativity within this supportive community.

In addition to my technical blogs, I have launched this website featuring inspiring stories of Home bakers from different regions. The site,, is dedicated to celebrating baking as a business. It focuses on home bakers who have transformed their love into something edible through passion and dedication.

I proudly declare myself the author of the Amazon Best Seller book – “The Art Of Baking” The book conveys a powerful message: believe in your passion. Women are creators and are not meant to give up. My advice to all women is to embrace every role you play—mother, sister, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law—while always remembering your worth.

Give wings to your dreams and embrace yourself.

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